5 Traditional Mexican Dishes

Vallarta Gardens

1. Mole (traditional in Puebla and Oaxaca)

Mole is one of the most sophisticated salsas in mexican cuisine. The main ingredients to prepare this delicious dish are different types of chiles, chocolate and some seeds like walnuts, pistachios, sesame, some spices like cinnamon and clove. There are many different versions of this dish, some of the most famous are mole negro from Oaxaca and mole poblano from Puebla.


2. Chiles en Nogada (typical in Puebla)

Chiles en Nogada are the typical dish of our patriotic month (September). The original recipe comes from nuns. Prepared for the very first time to indulge Agustin de Iturbe when the Mexican Independence was signed. Is one of the most complex gastronomic recipes.

Vallarta Gardens dishes

3. Tamales (country wide)

This pre Hispanic dish is made practically all over the country and its ingredients depend on the region where its prepared. There are tamales wrap in corn leaves or banana leaves; fillings can vary as well but some of the most popular are salsa with pork meat, chicken mole and the sweet ones.

Pozole Vallarta Gardens

4. Pozole (Traditional in Guerrero)

Pozole, just as tamales have a pre Hispanic past. It was a dish made for rituals that with the miscegenation became a soup elaborated with cooked corn, pork or chicken meat. It is usually serve with lettuce or cabbage, radish, chopped onions, dried oregano, lemons, hot salsas and salt.

Vallarta Gardens dishes

5. Tortas ahogadas (Traditional in Jalisco)

Tortas ahogadas are made with white bread fill with shredded pork (carnitas) bathed in hot sauce and onions.


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