11 Mexican New Years Traditions

1. Place two or three candles in a white dish with seeds such as rice, beans, lentils, flour and a cinnamon stick. Let the candles melt all during New Years Eve, the next day, January 1st, bury it in your house, this is for ABUNDANCE.

2. For GOOD LUCK, tell your friends to launch coins into a tray with a candle in the middle, at the same time making a wish or a prayer. After, fill the tray with water and lit the candle.-

3.For GOOD FORTUNE: for New Year’s Eve dinner cook some lentils. It is said that eating at least a spoonful of lentils or giving to your friends or family members a handful of raw lentils favors good fortune.

4. The traditional 12 GRAPES (seedless): It is said that eating a grape during the first 12 seconds of the new year, making a wish each time you eat one, will make the universe conspire in your favor and help fulfill your purposes. I have not met anyone who can swallow 12 grapes in less then 12 seconds. I believe you should take your time, you would not want to start the new year chocking. Also, if you get a sour grape, it means that you will have a bad month.

5. SWEEP AND CLEAN THE HOUSE, bathe the pets and take a bath yourself, maybe the last part does not need to be mention, (but just to make sure). This is good for renewal, leaving behind the things that the old year brought and receiving the new year in a blank page.

6. Underwear of different colors: it is said that if you want a year full of passion, use red underwear. But in case you don’t have any complaints in that area, and maybe prefer a little more prosperity and money than you should use yellow underwear; if you want health and wellness, use green underwear and lastly, if you want to find true love or a beautiful friendship, use pink underwear.

7. SWEEPING COINS: At midnight, open the door and symbolically sweep inside out, to sweep the old, then throw some coins in the floor and sweep inside of the house to bring prosperity.

8. Also at midnight, throw some water through your house window, it is said that it helps renewal and brings GOOD LUCK.

9. Observing or throwing FIREWORKS during new years helps drive away bad spirits. (Avoid burning, go out with your family to witness a fireworks spectacle close to home).

10. Take the luggage out: In New Years Eve go out and take a stroll around the block with your suitcases empty, it is said that the farther you go the better, since it represents the distance that you could travel the new year. Other versions recommend that instead of going out on the streets, place your luggage in the center of a room and walk around them several times.

11. El RECALENTADO(After party, reheating food): Impossible to not include in this list the traditional new years recalentado, it is a good excuse to visit family, receive hugs and backslappings for the new year.



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